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How to make a difference - learn first aid


Following one our recent courses this arrived in the post. Always great to know that the training delivered has some impact. The message is: learn first aid skills you never know when you might need them - sometimes the same day ! (details change to protect the parties involved)

"You wouldn’t believe it but after the course you delivered I went to meet my friend for a meal and a few drinks.

As I was waiting for my taxi to arrive a man appeared in front of me, bleeding, it seemed quite bad, from his hand/arm. He had cut it on some glass. 

Anyway, I wrapped my very large scarf round his hand and arm and asked him to put pressure on it and someone called an ambulance which came and then took him in and bandaged it up properly. He wasn’t the most cooperative patient!

Anyway, I think I would have froze if I hadn’t have done the course with you that day – I couldn’t believe I needed to put my training into practice that very night"