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Read about what training courses and events Cloudberry Medical are involved with at moment.

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Meeting Our Social Aims


As a social enterprise holding the nationally recognised Social Enterprise Mark we have to demonstrate we are meeting our social and environmental aims. At Cloudberry we do that by donating our annual surplus to charity and delivering training at reduced or no cost. In 2016-17 we provided over £6,000 of discounted time to community groups and voluntary organisations. 

In July we will be providing first aid for the first time to 30 Brownies from Whitley Bay who are working towards their First Aid Badges.

If you go down to the woods today

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First Aid for Walk Leaders

Great confidence boost

Cloudberry Medical delivered the final of three first aid courses for walk leaders from St Edwards Walking Club. The club has over 120 active members and made the decision to provide firts aid training for it's walk leaders. In addition navigation training was provided by Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team.

"Great confidence boost regarding skills to enable me to put them into practice and maybe save a life /make a difference"

SunCity Triatholon

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First Aid Training for Retriever Club
















Golden Retriever Club Norhtumbria members have completed a one day bespoke firts aid course recently.

"1st class, very worthwhile"

Over 300 people across the North East are members who take part in events which take them into rural areas which are remote or difficult to access leaving injured or ill members longer to wait for help to arrive. The training included relevant topics inlcuding insulating casualties, the effects of heat and cold and common injuries to limbs. Some of the training was outside.


Training for Park Rangers & Walk Leaders

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Defibrillator Training for Schools


AED in useThe end of February and the start of March has seen Cloudberry delivering CPR & Defibrillator training in a number of Primary and Secondary Schools on behalf of award winning Charity Hand On Heart. 

The Charity supplies defibrillators, usually paid for from fundraising events organised by individuals or local communities. With over 60,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests a year in the UK these are essential life saving pieces of equipment.

Usual training is 3 hours in lenght and there is plenty or opportunitiy to refresh basic CPR skills and learn how to use a defibrillator.

"The session was really good exspecially with how interactive it was and with so much hands on practice. Felt like I've really learnt a lot" Primary School Teaching Assistant

First Aid Training Great Feedback


Candidates on a recent outdoor First Aid course gave Paul Freeman some great feedback. The course delivered on behalf of Alder Holly, a major provider of first aid in Scotland, at a venue near Edinburgh. The participants were a mix of outdoor instructors, walk leaders and environmental volunteers.

"Brilliant. Far better than expected"

" Thanks for running an excellent course. This was NOT dull or condescending and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience"

"The slides used to support the sessions were very well prepared. All the equipment and resources were excellent"

Paul's variety of experience across the outdoor sector combined with his practical first aid experience in Mountain Rescue and event first aid cover enables him to adapt the course to suit individual needs.

Donation to Nepali First Aid Project


Cloudberry, as part of our commitment to finacially supporting a range of projects working in our areas of interest, have made a donation to Venture Medical. This is to support a project delivering first aid to Nepali Scouts as part of developing resilience in readiness for natural disasters. Venture Medical have delivered simialr projects in other parts of the developing world. We wish Venture Medical good luck on their forthcoming trip to Nepal.

AED training for local communities

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