First aid cover for events

As well as environment and sector specific first aid courses Cloudberry Medical can provide first aid cover for small events.

As a social enterprise offering first aid cover fits with our aims and provides an outlet for people’s experience in different settings. As all our event staff have public and voluntary sector experience we particularly understand the nature of community events and the constraints placed on organisers.

Recent events we have covered include the Darlington Championship Dog Show, Newcastle TKD Championships, Sunderland SunCity Tri events and Bowes Railway.

Read about our event cover below and contact us if you are interested in this service. We are happy to talk through your needs with no obligation. If we can’t help we can point you towards other providers.


Are you planning an event? Did you know around one to two per cent of an audience will seek medical assistance during an event day. However large or small the occasion – you should be planning to provide suitable medical cover.


A good starting place is to check the Health and Safety Executive’s Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Similar Events or the Home Office Good Practice Guide for Small and Sporting Events Taking Place on The Highway, Roads and Public Places.

Many Local Authorites or third sector support organisations publish guidance for those organising smaller community events. These guidelines will help you decide how much medical cover you need but if you are in doubt get advice from a Health & Safety professional. The cost to you will depend on the nature of the event, level of risk and number of first aiders or medical staff needed.

All our event staff ’go beyond’ the basic qualification and have practical first aid experience. Our pool of staff includes advanced first aiders, emergency medical technicians, nurses and paramedics with experience in the NHS, Mountain Rescue, Military and Fire Service. Event first aid is a competitive and price sensitive business. As a fair employer who recognises the skills of our staff and the responsibility event first aid brings we try our best to balance the need to be cost effective for organisers and our desire to pay fairly.