About Cloudberry Medical

Cloudberry Medical, part of Cloudberry Pursuits Community Interest Company (CIC) and company limited by guarantee, is a specialist provider of outdoor, sport & exercise first aid training and services. We also bring our experience to work place first aid and in providing first aid cover for small events. As a company Cloudberry Pursuits provides a focus for a range of activities that use the outdoors to bring benefits to individuals, groups and communities. We have a particular interest in working with public, voluntary and social enterprise organisations.

Our commitment

Enriching your experiences

At Cloudberry Pursuits, we want you and others to benefit from what the outdoors offers. Your experience with us will be a good one and you will want to work with us again because:

• We use the outdoors in a creative, challenging and safe way
• We design what we do to meet your exacting requirements
• We focus on high quality and the value of what we do
• We always do what we say we will do

Acting responsibly

We are committed to having minimal impact on the outdoor environment we are so passionate about. It makes sense to protect the outdoors to ensure we can all continue to enjoy what it has to offer. We are also a business and it’s important that we do things to make sure we grow, prosper and meet our social aims. We strive to be a sustainable enterprise through:

• Making the best use of resources the business consumes
• Operating commercially to grow our business and promote our social aims
• Working in partnership with like minded businesses for mutual benefit
• Promoting the area we live and work in, and supporting the local economy

Putting something back

For over 50 years our team have gained great pleasure and learning from being in the outdoors, and we want to make sure we put something back for those of us who help others in the outdoors. We will do this by giving our time, offering preferential prices and making direct contributions.

One organisation close to our hearts that we will be supporting is Mountain Rescue. The Mountain Rescue service provides assistance to anyone who becomes lost or injured in the mountains, fells, moors or urban open spaces for whatever reason. This all year round service relies completely on donations for its training, equipment and running costs. Our Directors - Paul and Iain - have over 40 years combined experience of working as volunteers in Mountain Rescue and through Cloudberry they remain committed to giving their time and raising money for this invaluable service.

For more information or to make a donation visit Mountain Rescue.